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The gender pay gap debate seems to be stronger than ever nowadays. I find it so bloody stupid, to be honest with you.

Yes it’s true, that woman get paid less on average than men, but that is such a misleading statistic! Yes, if you take the salary of all the men in the world, divided by the total number of working men, compared to the same stat for women, it is going to be somewhat equal. However, if you actually account for factors such as the number of hours they work, or the type of jobs they take, it somewhat evens out.

I’m not saying that there aren’t discrimination policies in the work place at all! Far from it. Clearly, paying somebody more money than someone else for the same type of work is wrong. Discrimination should be weeded out at all costs, and that I agree with you.

However, shouldn’t the crux of the entire matter than be about work place discrimination, instead of focusing on something like the gender pay gap?

Also, if you really wanted to push people into higher paying positions, maybe consider why engineers get paid more than other people. It’s simple economics – harder jobs, you get paid more. If you do easy work, you get paid less.

So it needs to start from young – the idea that men and women are equal just cannot be 100% true, simply because we are biologically not the same kind of people to begin with anyway. Like for real dude.

Start when they are young and get more women into male dominated fields like engineering, investment banking, mining (okay, maybe not). So go out there and do that, because that is when you are going to end up with true equality. Seriously.

Plumbing & Chefs Have in Common

If a customer had bought something from you last time but stop buying anything, you must find out why they stopped buying anything from you. Determine whether your product is overpriced, not necessary and unsatisfying. You could try giving your customers informal visits or email so they won’t feel that they are being forgotten or disregarded. If you are not getting any response, don’t persist them on buying your product. A business usually has a limit on how many times they could call their customers. If there are unsatisfactory on your business, ask your customers on what you could do to improve your business.

There is another way in further enhancing your market shares, which is finding similar customers to the ones that are buying products from you. Your business would be able to grow when you are only needed to make minimal adaptations to your systems to fulfill customers’ needs. It is wise to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis such as surveys. Keep in mind that these customers are different than your existing customers so make sure they have the same understanding as your current customers.

You might think this sort of work is beyond the needs of a normal chef, but you could not be more wrong – hopefully all of this makes somewhat sense to you. Plumbers do this sort of thing too, they leave pipes broken on purpose to get even more repeat work… heh.

Glass Repairs To Fix Your Business?

Important? Of course.

There might be a couple of considerations you’d have to start making when getting your business off the ground and off to the races. One of the issues you need to always have at the back of your mind is where do you get your emergency services from.

For instance, I’d want to know who my go to plumber, electrician, locksmith and glass repair guys are. These are the people who you’d be calling the minute the need arises, because there are just that many more people who want to do things to your business, especially when you finally hit a run of success.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but you’d gotta do what you’d gotta do sometimes in order to achieve massive success. I suggest you make a list of the key contact of your organisation on some piece of paper on your business fridge. Get all of that information down quickly and you’ll be able to make sense of everything else.

Take my personal experience running a kitchen from scratch here in NYC. Things break all the time – the power will go out, the lights will break and sometimes people break in. Now the obvious play here is still to get security systems in place to prevent you from getting snap-jacked one day by some holier than thou piece of crap, but you’d still need to know that somebody else has got your back whenever you need additional help with your systems and getting things done the right way. Hopefully these tips are able to help you out!

Next couple of considerations, getting other people to buy into your vision of success! Helping others to do what you will not do in the first place can be hard, but if you have the key emergency contacts in place before you even need them to help you out, I think you’re in a great spot to begin building your business empire. Smiles.

That’s all the tips I think I’d have for you today! Merry Christmas bro.

How to keep the fat burning in the kitchen

Hey ya’ll. Name’s Big Ben and I’m a chef. Love me some veggie patties and escargot. private_chef_1

See the thing about working in a high pressure environment like the kitchen is, you tend to get really fat, really fast. I mean, you’re surrounded by food all day. Tasting and testing random food is probably the best job in the world, but it isn’t exactly P90X friendly.

Anyways. Where was I.

Oh yeah. How to keep fit at your office (or in my case, kitchen) job.

So yeah. I try my best to keep healthy and keep fit. Here’s how.

i) Push ups during my breaks. Gotta get my pecs ripped dude. My co-workers be looking at me like ‘what the hell are you doing, Ben?’ All I say is I really want to burn off those extra calories and put on some serious muscle. Heh.

ii) Staying hydrated. I drink like 4 liters of water over the course of my 12 hour shift. Of course, this makes me pee like a fire hydrant every time. But water keeps your metabolism up and your stomach pumping.

iii) Stay away from the dessert table. Like fo’real dude. Cheesecake and macarons aren’t exactly waist friendly.

iv) Say no to leftovers. Seriously. As a chef I get offered the extra food at the end of the shifts, especially after major events.

v) Try to get in as much exercise as you can, whenever you can.

So yeah. My top tips on how to nail a supermodel-esque physique while dicing veggies and flaying fish. Flex those pecs. But in all seriousness, I can’t wait to get out of this biz. Working 80 hour weeks is killing me dude.

I’m giving this Empower Network thing a shot and we’ll see how it goes. I’m 100% new to the internet marketing industry and have never done any sort of online business before. But it seems like they know they’re stuff, so fingers crossed… See more here.

My head’s trying to wrap around the concept of SEO and link building and sales funnels it’s not even funny. I mean, how hard can it be? I’ve been proven wrong before but I hope this isn’t one of those times..

Peace. Will keep you updated.

Meanwhile, check out this awesome tool from Pingdom to check website speed! Damn. Never knew how important loading speed was. Haha.