How to keep the fat burning in the kitchen

Hey ya’ll. Name’s Big Ben and I’m a chef. Love me some veggie patties and escargot. private_chef_1

See the thing about working in a high pressure environment like the kitchen is, you tend to get really fat, really fast. I mean, you’re surrounded by food all day. Tasting and testing random food is probably the best job in the world, but it isn’t exactly P90X friendly.

Anyways. Where was I.

Oh yeah. How to keep fit at your office (or in my case, kitchen) job.

So yeah. I try my best to keep healthy and keep fit. Here’s how.

i) Push ups during my breaks. Gotta get my pecs ripped dude. My co-workers be looking at me like ‘what the hell are you doing, Ben?’ All I say is I really want to burn off those extra calories and put on some serious muscle. Heh.

ii) Staying hydrated. I drink like 4 liters of water over the course of my 12 hour shift. Of course, this makes me pee like a fire hydrant every time. But water keeps your metabolism up and your stomach pumping.

iii) Stay away from the dessert table. Like fo’real dude. Cheesecake and macarons aren’t exactly waist friendly.

iv) Say no to leftovers. Seriously. As a chef I get offered the extra food at the end of the shifts, especially after major events.

v) Try to get in as much exercise as you can, whenever you can.

So yeah. My top tips on how to nail a supermodel-esque physique while dicing veggies and flaying fish. Flex those pecs. But in all seriousness, I can’t wait to get out of this biz. Working 80 hour weeks is killing me dude.

I’m giving this Empower Network thing a shot and we’ll see how it goes. I’m 100% new to the internet marketing industry and have never done any sort of online business before. But it seems like they know they’re stuff, so fingers crossed… See more here.

My head’s trying to wrap around the concept of SEO and link building and sales funnels it’s not even funny. I mean, how hard can it be? I’ve been proven wrong before but I hope this isn’t one of those times..

Peace. Will keep you updated.

Meanwhile, check out this awesome tool from Pingdom to check website speed! Damn. Never knew how important loading speed was. Haha.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. This blog is about how to keep moving as a chef despite being in the freaking kitchen all day. You know what to do.